About Choovie

Right movie. Right price. Right time.

We reckon that all movie sessions are not created equal. Some movies are popular; some not so much. Some session times suit the masses, some suit only a few. So we had this idea – how about we make the cinema ticket prices match demand?

Choovie’s unique on-demand pricing for cinema tickets means great bargains, access to those hard-to-get tickets, and the best, fastest and easiest way to find and buy tickets. Anywhere, anytime.

Anyone can buy tickets with Choovie, but if you join - and joining is free - you get access to exclusive features and extras, including bonus offers, lightning fast one-click box office, and personalised notifications - so you can see what you want, at a price that is right for you.

Choovie. It’s the movies, only awesomer!

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